Welcome to the Gila County GIS Center

Please excuse the construction. We are in the process of migrating off of an older Autodesk mapping platform to the current ESRI ArcGIS version 10.1 solution and apologise for the interruption in services. This has been needed for some time and as we move forward there is a list of concerns are being addressed.

A few of the more noteable requested items are:
  • Platform independence - The old system required Microsoft's Internet Explorer with a plugin. The new platform is javascript based so should allow more user flexibility

  • More focused applications - The old system was ordered like a file cabinet. You turned things on and off until you got what you were looking for. The new system is more application centric so unnecessary information is not cluttering up the interface. The downside being that there are fewer options within the application to answer what-if type scenarios.
As we move forward here are some of the items we're looking at:
  • Mobile device support

Here are the current applications:

Elections Polling Place - Modified application from ESRI that will help identify where you are, your polling location and what elections districts you might be in.
Dirt Road Blading - This application will show the schedule and last time the road was maintained County dirt roads.